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Seasonal Information

To all of our Patrons, 

Thank you to all of our patrons who have trusted us with washing their cars since we opened.  Starting November 7th we will begin Winter seasonal hours.  We will be closing the wash everyday at 5pm instead of 6pm.  The early darkness and cold make it difficult to give 100% attention to each car and we don’t like to compromise our services.  

Another change that we want to bring to your attention is that Deluxe Interior Services will only be offered on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These are our busiest days and will help us reach most of our customers.  We know that it may inconvenience your usual wash routine, but we appreciate your understanding that our services adjust to meet the needs of our team and business.

Make 95th Street Wash a part of your holiday giving this year,  we have gift cards and punch passes that make great gifts.  Have that special someone feel even more special when you have their car detailed by our professional team.  

Once again we wish to thank you for your support and we wish you a festive and safe holiday for you and all of your loved ones. 

Sincerely Tyson W, Abram Owner/Operator

Car Wash & Auto Detail - Lafayette, Colorado

The 95th St Car Wash & Auto Detail Center features one of the nicest automobile wash tunnels in the industry.  Our team of car care professionals are trained to take care of the smallest details of your vehicle's finish.  From the quick rinse up to our showroom detail, we have your car care needs covered.

Our Car Wash Options:

  • Fire and ice hot wax protectant
  • Rust inhibitor
  • Touchless turbo dry
  • Triple foam polishing conditioners
  • Turtle Wax clear coat protectant
  • Undercarriage blast
  • Wheel brightener

Free Vacuums

Nothing is worse than digging under your seat to find change for a vacuum.  The 95th St Car Wash & Auto Detail Center offers free vacuums for your convenience.  If your tires are a little low we also offer free compressed air.  This also comes in handy to blow out those hard to reach crevices while you are vacuuming.

Auto Detail Services

If you would like a deeper interior clean, our detail shop has you covered.  Our detail shop offers both deep clean showroom detail as well as a shorter express auto detail option.  Our express details are popular because we can get you in and out within the hour.

Some of our detail services offered include:

  • Armor All Tires
  • Door Jambs Cleaned
  • Full-Body & Glass Clay Treatment
  • Hand-Applied Carnuba Wax
  • High-Speed Machine Compound
  • Orbital Machine Polish
  • Road Tar & Grime Removed
  • Wheel polish and tire shine

No dangerous chemicals are ever used in any of our processes. We aim to be environmentally sound by using eco-friendly materials and products.

At 95th St. Car Wash & Detail Center, we always provide free air and vacuuming. Call (303) 664-9274 today and ask about our monthly memberships.